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Sophie talks about art and music on BOLD TV in NYC!

Proud of having an art feature in Jazz da Gama

Art feature in Jazz da Gama

Art feature in Jazz da Gama


Sophie is featured as a painter in the book “A Journey Through The Senses” (Sinnenas Resa, released by art curator Christer Boteus) among 14 other wonderful visual artists from Europe. Her CD `The City of My Soul´ is also included in every book sample.)
Museum Shop – Gothenburg Art Museum

Its  available for purchase here.

Feeling flattered to have a feature both as a musician and as an artist in the culture page Stalker21 by Ysi Ortega.


`A Dance upon Notes´ by Sophie Dunér ©

See links to art feature in `El Día´ as well as feature in `Tenerife News´ and Ìsland Connections´:

Las “piruetas” del Bimbache OpenArt

Las “piruetas” del Bimbache OpenArt


`The Three Cities´– Island Connections