The Art of Music

My Audience (charcoal/chalk)

Going Solo (charcoal/chalk)

`The Composer´by Sophie Dunér ©

`The Composer (charcoal/chalk)

`The Jam Session´ by Sophie Dunér ©

The Jam Session (charcoal/chalk)

Showbiz 29 x 42 (charcoal / chalk)

Pianist Playmate by Sophie Dunér ©

Pianist Playmate 40 x 62 (Charcoal & Chalk) SOLD

I said, no Tritone! 29 x 42 (charcoal / chalk / pastel)

Sonia Rykiel Goes Jazz (charcoal / chalk)

M (e) improvisation (charcoal / chalk)

Bass Player (acrylic) (sold)

Haunted Piano (charcoal / chalk)

The Jazz Hole (charcoal / chalk)

Life is a cabaret 29 x 42 (charcoal / chalk)

A dance upon notes (acrylic)  (sold)