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"Smile" by Sophie Dunér Art ©

“Smile” by Sophie Dunér Art ©


“Bassplayer” (acrylic) by Sophie Dunér ©


"Transformation" by Sophie Dunér ©

“Transformation” by Sophie Dunér ©

Now available on Artfinder: `The Musketeers´ by Sophie Dunér

`The Musketeers´by Sophie Dunér ©

`The Musketeers´by Sophie Dunér ©

Listen to `Hey Doctor´ on Youtube

Music & Art Video by Sophie Dunér ©

Art & Music related Articles:

`Artistic Inspiration´ – The Wallbreakers (US)



Updates on ARTFINDER – New artworks for SALE!


“We” by Sophie Dunér Art ©

"We" by Sophie Dunér Art ©

“We” by Sophie Dunér Art ©


Several artworks of mine are being featured in the new article about my musical work:

Sophie Dunér: Music Omnivore (Jazz da Gama)

It features “M(e)improvisation”, “L´ultima Cena” and the audiovisual pieces “The Express Train” and “Weird Nightmare” (Live).


Coming up this December in NYC!

Bar Thalia / Symphony Space

Dec 21 2018 | 9pm


My artwork The Educators has a new owner!

`The Educators´ by Sophie Dunér ©

Remembering The City of My Dreams CD – featuring my artworks The Girl and The Sea, The Conductor and Bass Player

Photo by Sophie Dunér ©

Photo by Sophie Dunér ©

Sophie is back from her US Tour!

Listen & watch on Youtube:

Sophie Dunér & Jeremy Harman at ShapeShifter Lab | With art projections

`The Girl and the Sea´ featured…

"The Girl and the Sea" at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, N.Y

“The Girl and the Sea” at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, N.Y (with Jeremy Harman on electric cello)

Sophie Dunér meets Mark Kostabi & Gene Pritsker | Kostabi World Uptown (NYC)

Sophie sings the music of Mark Kostabi & Gene Pritsker (and Dunér) at Kostabi World Uptown (Manhattan)

Sophie sings the music of Mark Kostabi & Gene Pritsker (and Dunér) at Kostabi World Uptown (Manhattan)


Take a ride on The Express Train

Music & Art by Sophie Dunér, featuring Live samples from PARMA Music Festival



Updates on Surrealism:

`The Ventriloquist´ by Sophie Dunér ©

`The Ventriloquist´ by Sophie Dunér ©

Now also on Twitter!

Sophie Dunér Art on Twitter

Now you can purchase Sophie´s art directly via

Sophie Dunér on Artfinder


Bernardos Dream now on Youtube. Artwork by Sophie Dunér ©

From The City of Dizzy: Weird Nightmare, Addicted to Love, The Express Train & Gossip now on Youtube. Artwork by Sophie Dunér ©.

`Sophie Dunér: dos artes, una artista´

Feeling flattered to have a feature both as a musician and as an artist in the culture page Stalker21 by Ysi Ortega.


`A Dance upon Notes´ by Sophie Dunér ©

`A Journey Through the Senses´ available in the Museum Shop at Gothenburg Art Museum! 

Very proud to announce that the book ‘Sinnenas Resa´ – `A Journey Through the Senses’ (by Christer Botéus), is now available in the museum shop at Gothenburg Art Museum! (I am featured as a painter – among 14 other wonderful visual artists from Europe – and my CD `The City of My Soul´ is included in every book sample.)

Museum Shop – Gothenburg Art Museum

Its also available for purchase here.

Art Curator and gallerist Christer Botéus (who released this book) also exhibited – and sold this beauty for me some time back at his Gallery Art Veritas!

`L´ultima Cena´ by Sophie Dunér / At Gallery Art Veritas with art curator Christer Botéus


Check out Sophie´s video presentation of her music and art on Youtube!

“From The City of My Soul to The City of Dizzy”


Bimbache Open Art Festival 

Sophie is back from Art exhibit August 8 – 17 at “El Sitio” (Frontera, El Hierro) during the Bimbache Open Art Festival. Sophie also participated in this festival (which culminated with a concert on August 13) as a singer & composer, giving an audio-visual (art digitally projected on stage) performance.

A fantastic week of music and art!

At Bimbache Open Art Festival (featuring Torsten de Winkel, Kike Perdomo etc.)

Concert at art exhibit at `El Sitio´featuring Torsten de Winkel & Tobias Backhaus.

See links to art feature in `El Día´ as well as feature in `Tenerife News´ and Ìsland Connections´:

Las “piruetas” del Bimbache OpenArt

Las “piruetas” del Bimbache OpenArt


`The Three Cities´– Island Connections


“Festival O/Modernt”, June 12 2015: See photo from art exhibit in the foyer of “Confidencen”(Ulriksdals Castle Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden)

“The Girl and the Sea” by Sophie Dunér ©

Performing with O/modernt Chamber Orchestra at Confidencen, Ulriksdals castle theatre


Earlier audiovisual engagements:

Festival de Música Contemporánea de La Plata (Buenos Aires)

Jazz Concert & Exhibit at Galleri Gummesons (Stockholm, Sweden)

Exhibit at `Galleri Gummesons´ in Stockholm. “Blue Grasshopper” by Sophie Dunér ©